The Technology

Our patented AI positioning technology "sonifies" the court, tracking player movement in real time. The sound of the ball bouncing and being hit is all we need. Image data from a 360 degree camera on the net post is combined with the audio to accurately locate both the player and the ball within the court without the need for expensive equipment installation.

A tracking band attached to the handle of the racquet gathers data on the strokes being played which is combined with the audio-visual data within the AiPEX App.

The AiPEX App

The primary feature of the App is to provide Live Capture of your tennis session integrating the machine learning, speed/spin and sweet spot algorithms. Sessions are automatically uploaded to the AiPEX cloud or stored offline to be uploaded later.

Another feature of the App is Spectator Mode where coaches and spectators can see live stats on the current game. These stats can also be streamed online so that spectators not at the venue can watch every detail of the game as it happens.